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Noble Resorts Harbour Bay Type F Freestanding Villas Interior
Allesverloren Village launch-day sales top R86m
Noble Resorts' recently launched Allesverloren Village not only sets new standards for luxury retirement living, but raises the bar on first-day sales.
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Noble Resorts Harbour Bay Allesverloren Village Western Cape
The right retirement estate
Noble Resorts’ recently launched Allesverloren Village will soon be home to senior residents seeking the beauty of 15 acres in the scenic Riebeek Valley with views framed by the Haweqwa and Grootwinterhoek mountains.
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Noble Resorts Harbour Bay Allesverloren Village
Noble Resorts Allesverloren, multigenerational estate living launches in Riebeek West
Swap urban sprawl for rural idyll. Noble Resorts Allesverloren, a new billion rand multi-generational estate launches its first phase of unit sales this October.
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Noble Resorts Harbour Bay Todays Retirees Are Looking For A Strong Sense Of Community And Friendship Within Estates And Villages
Covid-19 pandemic drives new way of looking at retirement villages because community has become more important
Today’s retirees are looking for a strong sense of community and friendship within estates and villages.
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Noble Resorts Harbour Bay Modern Retirement Estates Or Villages Can Be An Extension Of Your Current Lifestyle
Your golden years: Moving to a retirement village may not be all plain sailing but there are plenty of advantages
Modern retirement estates or villages can be an extension of your current lifestyle.
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Noble Resorts Harbour Bay Retiring Soon Forget What You Know About Traditional 'Old Age' Home
Retiring soon? Forget what you know about traditional ‘old age’ homes
Traditional retirement homes are being "put out to pasture" and are becoming less of a norm for middle-class South Africans because people are living longer and - thanks to medical advances - are in better health.